One Day in the Archives

Welcome to a new blog series for 2023-2024. The purpose of these monthly posts is to examine moments of curiosity from everyday life, to make meaning from the known that is really, well, unknown. I also wish to work with a range of archives and historical records across the Australian state of Victoria, and online, and this series seems like a great way to do so. Please keep in mind the definition of an archive that I use is broad- written or visual records, a song, a dance or a landscape. I will spend one (eight-hour) day examining historical records. Then, I will write a narrative about the chosen topic. Hopefully, by the end of this process, I will have satisfied my curiosity, brought some historical records to your attention and provided you with some interesting reading. These posts could be about anything! Recent examples are ‘why do we have Christmas Crackers on the table’ and ‘why is that street named Beveridge?’.

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December, 2022: Love notes, engagement rings, and traces of colonialism at Christmas dinner.

January 2023: Walking the path made by the women before us: the Country Women’s Association, Victoria.