Sharing research and information about Pacific history, archives, women in history, feminism, gender and materiality is an activity I really enjoy. Below are some examples of the places I have presented.

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Past presentations:

‘The AJCP or: how I learned to stop worrying and love surrogate records.’ Unfinished Business, Australian Historians Association, November 29 – December 2, 2021.

Abstract: This paper discusses how collections based on surrogate records offer historians opportunities to establish and maintain collaborative relationships with cultural institutions while also producing unique archives. Using the ‘world’s most extensive collaborative copying project’, the Australian Joint Copying Project, as a case-study I detail how Australian historians worked with Officers from the Mitchell Library and the National Library of Australia and, consequently, influenced the Project’s curation. This paper also explains how Australian-Pacific historians used the resulting AJCP microfilms, from both the Public Records Office, London, and the Miscellaneous Series, to support their production of island-centric histories. I argue the collaboration and use of the AJCP by historians, such as Harry Maude and Dorothy Shineberg, facilitated new ways of perceiving surrogate records and supported a partial decolonisation of history.

‘Papua’s ‘First Prime Minister’ and the ‘Queen of New Guineans’; How women appeared within the London Missionary Society Archives from Papua, 1874-1989.’ In Their Own Words, Pacific History Association 17-20 November 2021.

‘Working with the Australian Joint Copying Project as a Kaleidoscope Archive.’ History Transmitted: connect-consider-challenge, Professional Historians Association Australia 18-19 September 2021.

‘Framing Australia’s Perceptions of Oceania: How Pacific Historians influenced the National Library of Australia’s collection processes.’ Institutions- Decolonisation and Critical Intersectional Practice, Australian Women’s and Gender Studies Association Biannual Conference 13-16 July 2021.

‘Our Sisters’: Femininity and religiosity in the writings of Jane Chalmers, 1866-1877. Feminism and Social Movements in the Global South, Womandla! 7 July 2021.

‘Lantern slides from the “Dark Island” of New Guinea.’ Archival Kismet: A Conference for Historical Exploration. Mississippi State University, 9 April 2021.

‘An untidy collection, with pins and things’: A reflective analysis of the London Missionary Society’s dynamic archival records, 1953-2021. Decolonisation and the Trans-Pacific, Australian Association for Pacific Studies. 8 April 2021. 

Australia and the Knowing of Papua New Guinea, Deakin University, Melbourne. 4 March 2021

Contemporary Histories Research Group, Melbourne, Australia

Pacific Adventist University, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

National Museum and Art Gallery, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

The University of Technology, Sydney, Australia

Professional Historians Association (Vic & Tas) and Royal Historical Society of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia


102.7FM, 3RRR: 22 December 2019, Making Waves. I joined Jacqui B in a discussion about women in mission spaces, Pacific history, the Australian Joint Copying Project, and intersectional feminism. You can stream it here>