Blog series 2019- today

**NEW** Clio’s clerk blog series. Lamenting the complexity of History, my mentor, Associate Professor Helen Gardner shared a quote with me: 

Clio, properly respected, is the least straightforward of the muses. Her beauty lies in the complexity, not the simplicity, of her truth. Which is why her votaries, attentive to the sometimes difficult and winding path they must follow, are sworn to tell stories in order to make the journey easier.” – Alan Allport

I have these words in mind when I muse about the particularities, ethics, procedures, methodologies, communities, and other fantastical elements of being a feminist Australian-Pacific historian.

‘Clio’s clerk: where can time in a library take you?’ 16 December 2022

‘Clio’s clerk’- a historian’s experience of sustainable research methods at the National Library of Australia.10 April 2022

As a recipient of a National Library of Australia 2022 Summer Scholarship, I was privileged to undertake onsite archival research during February and March 2022. Excerpts of my findings and experiences are below-

Historian on tour: home again, home again (week seven)

Historian on tour: bookish delights (week six)

Historian on tour: it’s not stealing if you return the archive (week five)

Historian on tour: taking part in the slow research movement (week four)

Historian on tour: silences, permissions, and diversity at the National Libary of Australia. (week three)

Historian on tour: findings from an orange notebook. (week two)

Historian on tour: National Library of Australia, Canberra, ACT. (week one)

Each year my university asks me to review my experience as a PhD candidate. It seems, soon after, I feel the need to write a more reflective piece. You’ll find these below.

Second Year– Resilience and Research: buzzwords of an optimistic geek

First year- Judge, reflect, learn: an account of colloquium